Re: Top techwhirl-subjects in 1998...?

Subject: Re: Top techwhirl-subjects in 1998...?
From: Johndan Johnson-Eilola <johndan -at- PURDUE -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 15:26:00 -0500

Two quick notes (at the risk of engaging in meta-discussion):

1. I think AlQuin's intended "assistance" was in helping the list members
see what were important and interesting topics for discussion (at least
from AlQuin's perspective). In other words, the assistance was in the
present and future tense rather than past (I have to admit that I had to go
over the "assisting" clause a couple of times, and then read Eric's
comment, before I came to this understanding of AlQuin's post.)

2. If all of us really *were* being open-minded and able to merely skip the
posts that didn't interest us, we would see frequent posts from the
listowner reminding us what really constitutes discussion about technical
writing (a domain that is not as starkly bounded as we sometimes
pretend--hence the need for the meta-discussion described under note 1).

- Johndan

At 7:51 AM -0500 12.29.98, Eric J. Ray wrote:

> At 10:26 AM 12/29/98 +0100, AlQuin wrote:
> >Dear All,
> >The value of a/this List is its value to its readers. In assisting Eric
> >to manage the list's rims serving the subscribers needs, I collected the
> >List subjects over 1998 I enjoyed most.
> In "assisting Eric"? Really? Most interesting. You'll have to refresh
> my memory (off-line, of course) about how you've provided any
> assistance this year.
> All,
> I really don't see the point in meta-discussions about favorite or
> least favorite posts. Read the ones that interest you,
> delete the ones that don't, and start new threads if you have
> something that you feel merits discussion. It's that easy,
> but critiquing topics that were discussed is futile and a waste
> of everyone's time.
> Eric
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> *Award-winning author of several popular computer books
> *Syndicated columnist: Rays on Computing
> *Technology Department Editor, _Technical Communication_

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