Re: Research Triangle Park, NC area - What Land of Milk and Honey ??!?

Subject: Re: Research Triangle Park, NC area - What Land of Milk and Honey ??!?
From: "Howard, Kathryn" <Kathryn -dot- Howard -at- WESTGROUP -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 10:06:36 -0600

Maury, Maury, Maury.....

Whatever shall we do with you?

Being a successful tech writer (in my mind -- addled, though it may be)
consists of *blooming where one is planted.* If I'm a good enough technical
writer/editor (and I am!), I can live anywhere and make enough money to live
on comfortably.

Right now, I live and work in Rochester, NY. And, contrary to Mr. King's
opinion, I find Rochester and Buffalo to be *quite* inspiring. Not only
because of the natural beauty found in this area, but also because the
workfor writers is good, plentiful, AND pays well. (And all of the tech
writers in Rochester and Buffalo would like to thank you for moving after
graduation, Maury, since it opened up a couple of jobs for the rest of us

Aside from my day job -- at West Group, as a Sr. Technical Writer -- I also
do an enormous amount of freelance writing for the WWW -- note that I said
I *write*, not *design* in my free time. With the external clients I have
right now, I could walk away from my cube and make more than enough to
support myself in the style to which I am quickly becoming accustomed. And
still stay put in Rochester, with occasional trips to London, San Francisco,
Honolulu and Detroit to have an on-site meeting or two. <g>

Location is a state of mind, not a State. Limiting yourself to geographic
placement only leads to hypertension and increased need for chocolate. With
all the tools of telecommuting technology before me, I am constrained only
by my inability to believe my work output must be in the same time zone as
my home.

And, for the record, the running joke in Upstate is not "what do you do
during the summer...", it's:

Q: What do you do if you can't stand the weather in Rochester?
A: Wait five minutes and it'll change.

Kathryn Howard
Senior Technical Writing Goddess (West Group) in Rochester, where it's a
balmy 7 degrees right now, but a high of 45 and a thunderstorm are predicted
for tonight. <Go figure....>

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From: Maurice King [mailto:benadam -at- CYBERDUDE -dot- COM]
Sent: Monday, February 01, 1999 9:31 AM
Subject: Research Triangle Park, NC area - What Land of Milk and

<<I also know well what it means to come from Buffalo, NY; my undergraduate
years were spent in Rochester, NY, where the running joke is:

Q. What do you do during the summer in Rochester?
A. If it falls on Sunday, I play golf.

Buffalo and Rochester are anything but inspiring places to be. I was more
than ready to leave the area after I graduated.>>

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