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Subject: Re: Re[4]: HTML and CSS
From: Todd Lemoine <lemoine -at- IONET -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 16:54:10 -0600

>But, just to check, today I looked at various web browser usage surveys and
>studies. They show that over 90 percent of people use IE3/4/5 or Netscape
>4/5, all of which support some parts of CSS.
>Looking at the numbers, I might finally be able to start using CSS.
>BTW, for more info on which CSS1 styles work in which browsers, take a look
>at Web Review (
><> .
> Steve

I don't see any reason why CSS can't be implemented today, even if it's
something as small as coding some text to appear in 9pt Arial and having to
settle for <FONT SIZE="2"> for people who aren't using the latest browsers.
For those people who aren't using a CSS-capable browser, it's relatively
easy -- with the right planning -- to build pages that degrade gracefully by
using the <span> and <div> tags and to have the right classes created ahead
of time. For me, the real frustration with CSS is the way Microsoft and
Netscape implement it with their respective document-object models. Each
company's different way to refer to the different objects on a page makes it
impossible to create cool, potentially useful features like drop-down menus
and expandable lists while only creating one web page. And of the two, I
have to say MS's makes more sense, from a programming perspective.

Todd Lemoine

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