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Subject: Re: Contiguous Monitors
From: Thom Randolph <thom -at- HALCYON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 19:54:49 -0800

At 01:31 PM 2/2/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Techwr-lers
>I'd really need to set-up contiguous screens on a Win '95-Pentium II box
so that
>I can get some reasonable desktop real estate going. Having multiple apps
>and used concurrently is miserable on a single 17" screen. I never want to
>with very large monitors again, so that is not an option.
>I've had the contiguous screen arrangement previously in a Mac environment
and I
>was told at the time that it was a relatively easy plug-&-play
implementation. I
>am currently in a Win '95 environment and have been told that it's not
>- I read this to mean that it's not as easy to do. I've heard of
>non-linear editing systems set up with contiguous screens so it seems that it
>may, in fact, be possible. But, perhaps it's expensive or difficult to do.
>Has anyone else experienced implementing such a set-up? How difficult and
>expensive was this to do?


I think this is a feature new to Windows 98. I searched the
Microsoft Web site and found two articles you might find useful.

How to Enable Multiple Display Support Using Windows 98:

Hardware Requirements for Multiple Display Support in Windows 98:

I was unable to find anything on Win95 that does this. Of
course, that doesn't mean it's impossible, just that I couldn't
find it when I looked.

I hope this information helps,

Thom Randolph
thom -at- halcyon -dot- com

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