Re: MS Word question - text flow problems

Subject: Re: MS Word question - text flow problems
From: Peter Lucas <peterlucas -at- EARTHLINK -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 14:31:02 -0800

You kind of prove my point exactly. Word is full of limitations, which I
don't think I should ever have to think about. It's one thing if a feature
doesn't exist that doesn't meet some specific need, because you can often
find a creative workaround as is the case often times with FrameMaker. This
kind of helps you learn how to use the program on a higher level. But to put
features into a product that either cripple the product when used or are
crippled from the get go (poorly designed feature), that is really

The fact you have pointed out so many limitations in Word kind of proves my

Limitation #1

>Graphics can be a problem if the graphics files you are inserting are very
>large. A competent graphic artist should be able to help you reduce those

Limitation #2

>If your computer is not a Pentium II system with lots of RAM, you
>should probably edit the Word files in Normal mode, perhaps even using
>picture placeholders to view during the edit.

Limitation #3

>I haven't found the master document mode to be very reliable either. I
>recommend multiple chapters, each saved as a stand-alone file.

Limitation #4

>You can
>create macros in a template to then create a table of contents and index
>the book.

Limitation #5

>Also, keep chapter files to 30 pages or fewer if you can,
>especially if you have lots of graphics.

And the list goes on . . .

Peter Lucas
Sr. Tech Writer
Decade Software Co.

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