Re: Mac users

Subject: Re: Mac users
From: Joe Sokohl <jsokohl -at- MACOL -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 06:57:50 -0500

Kirsten wrote:
"Well, I went and upgraded my mother's operating system on her Mac. The
problem? She hates it. Now she wants me to get it off of her system.
Being a non-Mac user, I don't know the Mac equivalent to format C. Does
anyone out there have any advice? Can I get the operating system off
without having to reformat?"

Actually, the benefit of the Macintosh is that its operating system is
integrated closely with its hardware--hence its ability to work with
greater assurity than any Wintel system.
That said, there's no way to take the operating system off the
computer--unless you reinitialize your hard drive and don't reinstall
system software. As another poster asked, what system are you using?
To find out, turn you Mac on. Go to the Apple menu (at the top left). Click
it and select "About this computer" (which reads, "About this Macintosh" on
pre-System 7.5 systems, I believe). The dialog box that appears shows you
which Mac OS you're running, for example, Mac OS 8.5.
Make sure you _completely_ back up your system BEFORE you do this!!!
You can go backwards only if you reinitialize your hard disk and reinstall
a system.
In addition, there are some different extensions & applications that might
give your Mom the look & feel of a pre-OS 8 . Feel free to send me off-line


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