SUMMARY: FrameMaker vs. Interleaf

Subject: SUMMARY: FrameMaker vs. Interleaf
From: Sarah O'Keefe <okeefe -at- SCRIPTORIUM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 13:47:44 -0500

From Ruth Sorrell...
>The results are in & summarized below:
>Number of responses: 14
>Interleaf: 1
>FrameMaker: 9
>Ventura 8: 4
>Pro FrameMaker:
>1. Easier to use
>2. More external resources to help in training & implementation
>3. More people know it (so if your department grows, it'll be easier to
>for it)
>4. Adobe supports more platforms
>5. Nearly everybody that uses it likes it
>6. It does a very good job on technical documents
>7. Less expensive than Interleaf
>8. Does things Ventura doesn't
>9. Has better filters than Interleaf
>10. Better infrastructure
>11. Better training
>12. Designed to do what tech writers do
>13. Exports to XML
>Con FrameMaker:
>1. Need someone who can set up & administer pubs, manage network file
>locations, set up styles
>2. Must follow rules & use styles consistently
>3. Poor table editor
>Pro Interleaf:
>1. Good at breaking down documents into individual components that can be
>reused in other similar documents. FM is clunky in that area.
>2. Better hooks for document management system than FM
>3. Great for large documents (>250 pages) with multiple sections, because
>easy to switch sections around, auto renumbering, component heading, page
>references and pages numbers.
>Con Interleaf:
>1. It's clunky
>2. Creates its own desktop which takes a while to learn
>3. Doesn't follow many Windows conventions
>4. Crummy job of importing graphics
>5. Expensive
>6. The company is sinking fast
>7. Overkill
>8. High learning curve
>9. Company has been slow to upgrade & integrate
>10. Worst support
>Pro Ventura:
>1. Good stylesheets
>2. Most layout versatile of the 3 packages
>3. It can export to HTML
>4. Retains TOC & index links when creating PDF files
>5. Built-in ability to publish documents as HTML, PDF & as Java applets
>6. Share documents with multiple user & control access levels
>7. Conversion to newer version should be less time-consuming than to the
>What have I decided? To date, I've not made a decision. I have received the
>Ventura 8 trial version and have 30 days to explore whether this release
>up the problems we have been having. If our problems are not resolved, I will
>be going with FrameMaker.
>You assisted my decision making process tremendously, and I thank you all for
>your input and experiences.
>Ruth Sorrell
>Butler & Curless Associates
>rsorrel -at- bcafreedom -dot- com

Sarah O'Keefe Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.
FrameMaker ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) 919-481-2701
WebWorks Publisher certified trainer okeefe -at- scriptorium -dot- com

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