Holy Wars - Oh No! (was Style Manuals)

Subject: Holy Wars - Oh No! (was Style Manuals)
From: Cheryle W <cjwiese -at- HOTMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 12:22:00 PST

Jeez, this debate reminds me more and more of the
operating system holy wars with every post! A couple of points
and then I must return to my work:

<snip> Ouch! You know, some of us twenty-somethings are out here in the
workforce, too -- acne or not. The reason you should pay attention to
us is because we are the up-and-coming generation of computer users and
workers.</end snip>

Well said Heidi. I'm 31, but am sick of all the trash-talking
against "Generation X" or the "twenty-somethings." You'd think that
adults could just live and let live.

<snip>Silicon Valley, like the rest of California is another
country...too much sunshine and natural disasters or something.

Jeez! As a native Oregonian, I've made my share of
California jokes, but I would never say something like this! Of course,
I make it a practice not to stereotype people. But since this thread was
is supposed to be about style manuals ...

<snip> again, from Heidi:
I agree. Being a writer is very important. But there are different
flavors of writing, and technical writing is one of them.</snip>

Bingo! I have an honors degree in English, and the copywriting I do
today is a vastly different style from the MLA style of my
undergraduate thesis. Duh.


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