Re: Word/Doc-To-Help/Acrobat Combination

Subject: Re: Word/Doc-To-Help/Acrobat Combination
From: "Brierley, Sean" <Brierley -at- QUODATA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 10:25:38 -0500


>>>Do you find it easy to import RTF files into RoboHelp? I've
>>>been using
>>>PageMaker less frequently because it's so easy to import one
>>>Word file into
>>>RoboHelp instead of several RTF files. Plus, RoboHelp
>>>converts the Word

There has to be an easier way than via RTF, which is what I am doing now.
That's why I am looking into WebWorks. However, I do know my way around in
Word, FrameMaker, and RoboHelp, so I encounter few problems.

However, going from Word to RoboHell is easier than the RTF route. Let's
face it, RoboHelp started as nothing more than a fancy front-end for Word
Macros and RoboHelp needs word to run. A lot of people use Word because they
perceive some kind of single-source advantage, including going to Win/HTML
help via third party utilities like RoboHelp.

>>>I really prefer using PageMaker instead of Word. Although, I
>>>found Word
>>>easier to use with RoboHelp.

I'm not sure how Word could possibly compete with PageMaker. PageMaker's
customizable layout options, pre-press and color options, and flexible
import options are significantly more powerful than Word's.

>>>Can anyone tell me how FrameMaker and PageMaker differ?

Sure. FrameMaker is targeted at long documents with a standard layout and
heavy use of repeating elements. Additionally, FrameMaker provides solid
support for tables, cross references, and lists (TOC, index, etc.).
FrameMaker is awkward to use for documents that have a high degree of
customization in layout, from page to page, and is not a good solution for
high-color pieces, like marketing documents. PageMaker excels in both of
these areas.

sean -at- quodata -dot- com

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