Re: Job ads in the Classifieds--the real truth

Subject: Re: Job ads in the Classifieds--the real truth
From: jarnopol <jarnopol -at- INTERACCESS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 05:51:20 -0600

Really Laurel? I think the old saying goes ... you can fool some of the
people all of the time......
I've answered "blind ads" before. And have been hired by a couple of really
decent companies as a result of the ad, my response to it, and the subsequent
interview. Why did these companies place blind ads? Because they didn't want
people "dropping in" for interviews, to drop off resumes, or whatever.
If you think that companies ONLY place blind ads to trap current employees,
think again. When you're unemployed and on a job hunt, or just looking to a
change in general, don't discount blind ads. You never know what's lurking
behind that PO Box number.


>===== Original Message From Laurel Nelson <Laurel_Y_Nelson -at- NOTES -dot- SEAGATE -dot- COM>
>A few years ago, a state job service professional told me this when I
>attended an employment workshop: only 50 percent of newspaper job ads are
>legitimate ads for actual jobs. The other ads are a result of employers
>fishing for different types of information. I was quite surprised when I
>heard this.
>The ads that only list PO boxes and no company names are placed when
>management wants to see if their own personnel responds to the ad.
>Management suspects that their employees are not happy at the company and
>might be looking for other work, and this is one way to determine if their
>suspicions are correct.
>Companies that are wondering if they are compensating their employees at
>the market rate place ads that ask for salary history. Then, the companies
>can determine if they are paying their employees too much, too little, and
>so on.
>The purpose of other ads is to determine how many people in a select
>profession are currently looking for work and what their credentials are.
>The intent behind these ads can vary; for instance, a company may want to
>lay off highly paid workers and hire cheaper, less qualified employees.
>Regards, Laurel
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