Re: Program Specific Questions....

Subject: Re: Program Specific Questions....
From: David Castro <techwrtr -at- CRL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 11:17:03 -0800

At 12:58 PM 2/5/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I understand your point of view. However, I disagree and believe that
>software usage is a major part of being a technical writer. In any case, I
>will keep my software posts to a minimum.
>If anyone finds it too time consuming to press the delete key, get the
>digest version of this list. It really surprises me when someone tries to
>dictate what is appropriate to post.
>I really don't think that posts about "HOW TO GET A JOB" relates to
>technical writing. Therefore, I delete those posts. It's really not that
>difficult unless your computer is slow.

While I can see where you are coming from, I would have to disagree with
you. There are appropriate lists already out there to handle software
problems (Winhlp-L, Copyediting-L, Framers-L, FrameUsers-L, WordPC-L,
RoboLIST, Acrobat Talk, etc.). Maybe if someone posted to the appropriate
list first, waited a couple of days, and still didn't find a solution, and
then explained this in a post to TECHWR-L, then I'd be okay with it.

However, as is often the case, if someone posts to this list without
checking the archives first, and asks a question that has been dealt with
before ("why are my graphics messed up in Acrobat?" comes to mind), then
that tells me that they don't respect my time. If I've answered the
question on the list, and they didn't take the time to read my response
from before, then don't I have a right to be upset at the person?
Especially considering that their request went to 4000+ Inboxes around the
world? Many of which may not even use the software in question?

As far as list members dicatating what is appropriate...I believe that
program-specific questions are already either discouraged or prohibited by
the TECHWR-L posting guidelines. If we merely point this out, then we're
supporting rules already in existence, rather than dictating to the list.

And a final point: I think that how to get a technical writing job does
apply to the field of technical writing. If we can't get jobs, then we
won't have anything to discuss about the field! :-)

One list member's point of view.

-David Castro
techwrtr -at- crl -dot- com

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