Re: Using Demos in Online Help

Subject: Re: Using Demos in Online Help
From: David Demyan <dbdemyan -at- WORLDNET -dot- ATT -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 18:13:07 -0500

Leanne asked:

>Three questions:
>1. Does anyone know how to resize an avi without compromizing the
>quality? (I don't mean compression-I mean display size) Has anyone added
>avi's to their help files effectively?
>2. Is there any proof out there that this type of screen scam actually
>adds value to the documentation. Do the users really process the
>3. Can anyone recommend a program/utility to create interactive demos,
>rather than just viewed screen cams?

I can answer numbers 1 and 3 and will skip 2 (I have often wondered
about that myself, so if you get good answers about value-added, could
you cc me?)

#1. A good screen video capture utility should allow you to size the
area of input easily so that your AVIs are not any larger than they need
to be. I use SnagIt to do this. Of course, any AVI file can be added to a
help file. Whether it is effective or not is open to debate. I've have mixed

#3. I recommend SnagIt. Be aware, I am associated with the manuf.
since I created the help system for the program and have a vested
interest in the continued success of the product. However, I've seen
others recommend it for both Graphics and Text capture here on this
list. I like it for four types of captures: Bitmap graphics, text from the
screen, screen motion video (AVIs), and now, audio.

The program is available at


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