Re: Is print dying?

Subject: Re: Is print dying?
From: Lorin Ledger <LLedger -at- NEWHORIZON -dot- CA>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 08:30:33 -0800

What happens in customer focus groups is we ask people what they want.
That doesn't tell you anything meaningful at all. What we need to find
out in these sessions, or in some other way, is what people do. Then we
can create some meaningful assumptions.


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Subject: Is print dying?

Todd Sieling wrote:

>There's 2 cents for you, but it makes me ask myself - is this what
>want? Is print really dying or is it being euthanized in its weakened

Hard to say, but here's something I've observed often among programmers.
They *say* that they hate print media for reference manuals and the
since on-line manuals are searchable in a way that books aren't. But
never seen a programmer whose office wasn't filled with reference books,
nor a programmer's desk that didn't have several of them open at once.
the books keep selling.

What people think they want and what they really want are often
(This is one reason why surveys and "focus groups" are such bogus
of information for marketers.)

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