Re: Job loss through injury or illness?

Subject: Re: Job loss through injury or illness?
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 07:37:16 -0500

Rowena said

<< There are a lot of issues here for tech writers, and esp. contract
tech writers. I don't know if anyone else is interested in this
topic. It has certainly made me think twice about, say, participating
in a sport that would put me in danger of breaking my wrist or some
other money making part of my "writing anatomy".>>

The topic of an injury related job loss is a valid concern for
everyone, not just tech writers.

I have a concern that I would like to voice about Rowena's query. The
idea that we should consider abstaining or avoid participating in
activities that might put part of our income earning anatomy at risk
is foolish (to put it in the most politic) IMHO.

Personally, I do not live to work, but rather work so that I can live
a quality life. I crew on a racing sailboat, ride a bicycle (2-5 miles
and building), build furniture, hike/camp, scuba dive, play
racquetball, and go dancing as hobbies. I also have a child support
payment that I will make because I love my kids. The idea that I would
give any of my activities up because I might be injured has never been

But this may tend to make this thread stray from the tech writing
focus of this list. So bringing the focus back down to tech

How would you handle say a broken finger or wrist (from a personal
activity) on the job? Have any of you experienced this? What are some
of ways (on the job) we could deal with this?

Bill Paine
Sr. Technical Writer
Lanier Worldwide
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