Re: Injuries and CTS

Subject: Re: Injuries and CTS
From: jenv <jvettrli -at- NETCOM -dot- CA>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:41:20 -0500

>Two of my cow-orkers are involved in multimedia production. Each of them
>found that after extended periods of pointing-and-clicking in the authoring
>tools, their wrists ached. The solution they hit upon was a stylus and
>tablet in place of the mouse. I've not heard a complaint since (apart from
>those of people who need to use their PCs and can't get used to the stylus,
>which does take a bit of practice).

Sorry, I just had to throw in my two cents on this....

I used to get tendonitis flareups in my shoulder and just below the elbow
from long sessions of "mousing". I then switched to a stylus and tablet,
where you "click" by pressing the stylus down. I wound up with wrist pain.

My current "solution" (still looking for a better one) is multiple pointing
devices -- sometimes the stylus and tablet using my right hand, sometimes
the mouse (which has a wheel for scrolling) with my left hand, sometimes
the numeric keypad on my keyboard (which features a button you can push to
enable to keypad to take control of the cursor).

And sometimes I just grab a notebook and fountain pen (you don't need to
press down as much as with a ballpoint) and go to the park or a cafe. ;)


Jen Vetterli
<mailto:jvettrli -at- netcom -dot- ca>

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