Re: FWD: Learning time billable?

Subject: Re: FWD: Learning time billable?
From: Linda Sherman <linsherm -at- GTE -dot- NET>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 13:33:32 -0500

Anonymous User wrote:
> Name withheld upon request. Please reply on list.
> *************************************************
> To give you some quick background info, in addition to my regular full-time
> techwritng job, a friend of mine has asked me to help him document his
> company's software. However since I don't have much experience in the type
> of technology that his company is related to, I have to research and learn
> about it. We agreed on an hourly rate before I started and my question is:
> Is the time that I spend learning billable? To complicate matters, he is in
> Canada and I am currently in Asia so all communciation is done via email.

Learning about what you're documenting is part of the TW's job. So in my
opinion, it is 100% billable unless you've agreed otherwise. I would
discuss this with your friend, to ensure that there's no later dispute
about the bill.

By the way, call it "research", not "learning", when you submit your

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