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Subject: Re: Advice on Resumes
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 15:41:13 -0500

> > When sending a resume electronically (via email) do I send it as an attachment, in the body, as a pdf, a word file, frame file, or all of the above.

Regarding this discussion on how to send a resume.

First, what is the problem with asking how the recipient wants it? Everytime I have someone request a resume, I ask. I don't mind. Some of the input to
this thread seems to imply that there is some universal format that everyone should comply with without asking. That doesn't make sense.

Second, I keep my resume in several formats; Word 97 (which I can save down to version 6/95 upon request), html, ascii, and pdf. In fact, I use a service
that allows me to send an email to a fax machine phone number, attach a PDF to the email, and the service will print the email as fax pages, formatted
exactly as composed. They will keep trying over a 24 hour period, and when it goes through, give me a delivery receipt by email, all for $.15 per fax
anywhere in the world, charged directly to my credit card. I can also include as many email addresses in the one transmission and each one will get a copy
and it usualy takes about 3 minutes to arrive. Great for sending a copy while on the phone during a conversation.

If I am sending it to an address that I haven't spoken to first, I won't send the resume. I'll send a letter comparable to a cover letter; outlining why I
should send the resume. I'll then ask them what format they would like. However, regardless of why I'm sending it, I always ask what they want.

In addition, when I send it, I will include link to a web page with alternative PDF and html links as a backup.

John Posada

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