Summary: Converting XyWrite to Word 97

Subject: Summary: Converting XyWrite to Word 97
From: "Gottlieb, Lynn" <Lynn -dot- Gottlieb -at- PSS -dot- BOEING -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 13:51:21 -0800

Original post:

> I need to add some new information to a 200 page document that was written in XyWrite. It hasn't been updated since 1985 (not a typo).
> Does anyone know a painless way to convert this document from XyWrite 3 to Word (I'm using Word 97)? The archives didn't have anything about XyWrite/Word conversions.
Potential Solutions:

From Darren Barefoot-

Well, certainly two options that I encountered in a brief search (I had a
similar conundrum with some early WordStar files--fortunately Microsoft had
a free plug-in utility on their site) are:

The second is, I think, a DOS-based freeware product. Good luck. DB.

From Geoff Lane-

You could try the Word product support area on Microsoft's web site to see
if they have a suitable import filter. Otherwise, WordPerfect 7 can
import/export XyWrite III Plus versions 3.55, 3.56, and 4.0. You should be
able to upgrade your copy of Word for about $69.

From Lynn Perry-

Seems like I remember XYWrite can be saved as text. That certainly might be
the easiest, given that may have to do a lot of cleanup after the conversion

If you have PageMaker, seems like I remember PageMaker had an Import filter
for XYWrite.

As a last resort, you might just try opening the XYWrite file using Word
(using Open rather than double-click). The XYWrite format may give you the
text without too many garbagers.


Thanks Folks!

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