Green Grass story:happy even in my semi-cubicle

Subject: Green Grass story:happy even in my semi-cubicle
From: Michele Marques <mmarques -at- CMS400 -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 09:52:20 -0500

William Grega, Jr. asked for good green grass stories. Someone else was
bragging about his office space (while someone else was jealous).

Although there definitely are problems where I work, I was so unhappy at my
previous job, that anything was bound to be an improvement, and the people
and general atmosphere here is wonderful.

At my previous job, I had an office, and by the time I left had even graduated to
an office with a window overlooking a courtyard. I had a desk with draws *and*
a separate table for the computer and scanner, as well as an armchair and
corner table (scavenged from junk in storage). I loved the work, but my boss
was extremely unpleasant. I was able to stand up to him, but didn't feel
comfortable, and felt really bad about the people who let him get away with

Currently, I don't even have a complete cubicle - there are just 2 walls, and
there is someone at the desk adjacent to mine. But then, even the president of
the company doesn't have an office (or complete cubicle). Sure there's more
work to do than can get done, but fortunately my boss won't even assign me
some tasks (and sometimes won't tell me about things she doesn't want me to
work on yet). She's not arbitrary in her decisions as to what I should work on;
she's defined my primary responsibilities and other things will just have to wait
or else an additional person will have to be hired. It also helps that we usually
see things the same way.

Yes, there are plenty of problems where I work, but I generally enjoy the work
and the people, and it's great to finally have a good boss.

Michele Marques
Technical Writer, CMS Manufacturing
mmarques -at- cms400 -dot- com
905-477-4499 x280

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