From: Rebecca Merck <Rebecca -dot- Merck -at- ONESOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 17:23:39 -0500

Ready for this? I agree with BOTH of you!

John, you're right -- they're offering something valuable. And hey --
if someone posts a job and I can't understand what the position is or
where it is, I take that into consideration when I think about whether I
want to apply. I'm always interested to see a job posting, no matter
WHERE it's from, personally.

(And I'm SURE your mommy would NEVER lie to you!)

On the other hand, I just couldn't take any more "just hit the delete
key" messages -- that wasn't what the original request was about, and I,
well, can't resist trying to straighten things like that out. It's why
I do this for a living, I fear.

And on the third hand (??), I don't think anyone was putting anyone
down, just making a suggestion for how to make the information more
likely to reach its intended target. That's constructive criticism, and
something I would think a recruiter would be thrilled to hear. "HEY! I
can get your attention better if I do that? Cool! Thanks for telling
me!" This is a plausible response to the original note!

<bowing out as demurely as I can, straightening my feathers...>


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