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Subject: Re: Fire them all
From: Brian Martin <martin -at- SODALIA -dot- IT>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 09:33:56 +0000

Thanks for the great sarcasm!

Been there.

I just got my yearly review. Because I got lumped in with all the
technical people, my yearly bonus will reflect my true worth to the
company. It seems that "A" work as a technical writer is equivalent to
"B" work when compared to technical people.


The previous message follows:

Much can be learned listening to a hyper-sophisticated TW
mentor a younger colleague. Shall we listen in?

"The main thing wrong with technical writers is their
obsession with tools. I learned SQL in a week. A recent client
was infested with tool-crazed writers. I fired
two of them. I straightened them out."

"Oh, how true, Mr. Hyper-sophist! I learned HTML in 2 days."

"Two days? I learned DHTML in 1 day. The main thing wrong with
technical writers is their obsession with writing skill at the
expense of technical knowledge. A
recent client was overrun with writers who, although fine
writers, did not understand technical things, like routers,
pipes, and rocket launchers. I fired 6 of
them. I straightened them out."

"Oh, yes, yes, Mr. Hyper-sophist! I learned Framemaker in 2

"Two hours? I learned Javascript in a single hour. The main
thing wrong with technical writers is their lack of humor.
They're too fragile. A recent client was
plagued with humorless writers. I fired 12 of them. I can't
stand dour faces. I straightened them out! I replaced them
with the CEO's secretary and 6 Word
macros. I explain all this in my new, humor-packed book 'How
to Successfully Manage Technical Projects by Firing the
Writers, for Dummies."

"I learn languages in my sleep."

"Hey, that's what the CEO's secretary said."

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