Prove yourself <was Tech writer status>

Subject: Prove yourself <was Tech writer status>
From: Andrew Plato <intrepid_es -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:29:26 -0800

I agree. Getting ranked with the low skill dolts sucks. Some bosses
are stupid as rocks and think writers are just glorified secretaries.
What I see a lot is MALE managers ranking WOMEN writers as secretaries
while MALE writers get to hang out with the big boys. It is
disgusting how often I see this. These managers should be fed to the

What it comes down to is proving yourself. As with all things in
life, to excel you need to prove yourself. And proving doesn't stop
when you become experienced or get a high-ranking job. It NEVER stops.
You have to prove yourself everyday - if not to other people, at
least to yourself. Maybe you don't want to be a big shot or have a
huge office. But if you never prove anything to yourself, you'll
never rise above your weakest abilities.

Lastly, Melonie is right - some managers are so set in their ways that
it is a waste of time to educate them. This means it is time to move

Once upon a time, loyalty and hard work was rewarded. Well, once upon
a time managers actually had experience doing what their staff does.
In this era of managers who have never lifted a finger in their life
and feel it is their duty to ridicule you, loyalty is irrelevant.

Good luck.

---melonie -dot- holliman -at- txexmta4 -dot- amd -dot- com wrote:
> Howdy,
> For the most part, I agree with what you said, Andrew. When I do a
good job,
> respect
> myself, and quite worrying about what other people think, I tend to
> respect and
> good pay. I did have to learn how to stand my ground and insist on
> compensation, though.
> Ranking and status are not important to my ego. However, when a
> tends to
> rank me right above a secretary (which I believe tend to be
undervalued and
> underpaid
> anyway) they tend to pay me right above a secretary. Additionally,
if I am
> "ranked"
> lowly, my opinion is seldom considered. (As a technical writer, I
have a
> unique view point
> and can significantly improve a product or service.) Finally, I am
> considered expendable
> if I have a low status. We all know that it is not as easy to train
a writer
> as many
> managers would like to believe.
> When I originally started working at my current company (1991), tech
> were
> considered overglorified secretaries and were paid accordingly.
After 3
> years of that,
> I chose to leave for a company that appreciated my talents. Now I am
> It is
> amazing the difference in the attitudes here. I am not sure who
> this company,
> but they did a good job. Tech writers are valued. That means our
input is
> respected and
> we are paid well. In return, we do add value to our products and
> There are some companies or managers who are uneducatable. Today, I
do not
> choose
> to work in such situations. I work in a place where I am valued and
> accordingly.
> Melonie Holliman
> Tech Writer

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