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Subject: Re: Style guides
From: fkfcarla <fkfcarla -at- GEOCITIES -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 15:40:02 -0600

John Posada wrote:

> You don't say the environment or the application you're using, but if it
> is FrameMaker, you might want to consider the style templates that come
> on diskette with SUN's "A Style Guide for the Computer Industry".

Thanks, John. This must be deja-vu for you, since I also posted this to the
Framers list, and you responded there, too. :-)

I'm aware of the Adobe template paks. What I'm actually looking for is
something that details out the physical aspects of the documentation template,
the process, and the production.

Super-simplified examples would be:

--Headers will left justified 14 pt. Helvetica Bold.

--Body text will be indented 1.5inches 12 pt. Palatino.

--Graphics will be handled in the following manner: <blah> <blah> <blah>

--Reviews will be conducted at these points int he documentation process:
<blah> <blah> <blah>

--All chapters will be routed for review to the following people/departments:
<blah> <blah> <blah>

--Company logo specs are as follows: <blah> <blah> <blah> (size, color,

--Tone of writing will be: <blah> <blah> <blah>

--Manuals will be bound as follows: <blah> <blah> <blah>

All of the above would have written or graphical examples as necessary. I'd
also like to include a brief grammar guide for quick reference. I had a
*great* style guide about 6 years ago, but during the course of several moves
(both jobs and housing), it's disappeared.

Carla Martinek
AutoMed Technologies, Inc.

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