Word-AAUGH, saga continues.

Subject: Word-AAUGH, saga continues.
From: "Moore, Tracey" <TMoore -at- PARKERVISION -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 17:23:10 -0500

Thanks to everyone that submitted suggestions on how to fix corrupted
Word docs. I tried every last suggestion, and I can't fix the buggers!
Worse yet, there's no consistency in the problems I'm getting--a couple
of tries yielded error-free results, and then I recreate the same
process, and bang! The error returns!

Now I am questioning the wisdom of using Word to do this manual. I'm
saving the chapters in separate docs to keep the docs small, and linking
the graphics to avoid embedding. The graphics (illustrations) are Corel
Draw files exported as .eps. The .eps files are huge. . .I have no
control over them--Engineering and marketing creates the illustrations
and provides the graphics. I've tried exporting in different formats,
and the illustrations look terrible as anything other than .eps. Has
anyone experienced problems with .eps files in Word?

These manuals were done in Quark, and Engineering (of which I am part)
hates Quark. Personally, I'm not a fan of Quark for doing manuals
because it's not very updateable (is that a word? I'm getting nutty

I am wondering if anyone out there has enough experience with lots of
different programs who could help us determine if Word is a bad choice
(please, don't flame--I know how everyone hates Word) and make software
recommendations. I have only created manuals in Word, Quark and
Microsoft Publisher. None of the three seem to be good choices, IMO. But
because I have never worked with anything, I don't know what to
recommend. If anything. (I cannot with good conscience recommend
something in which I have no personal experience.)

Can someone help? Perhaps I can convince my boss to hire a consultant. .

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