Distributing dot-files via the intranet - summary

Subject: Distributing dot-files via the intranet - summary
From: Jeroen Hendrix <jhe -at- POLYDOC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 12:43:02 +0100

First, thanks to all who responded, there were a lot of you and as always,
very sound advice. Cheers! As always, the answer was right there, staring
me right in the face, but I was unable to spot it. It's as follows:

To distribute Word templates via the intranet you should prepare both the
client and the server. In the client's browser and in the server's registry
the ini-files, you should specify the proper MIME-type so that Netscape or
IE knows what application it should start (or 'spawn' as Netscape states).
In IE4 the type is set in the Windows explorer: View -> Folder options ->
File types
In Netscape 4 the type is set via: Edit -> Navigator -> Applications

- The type you want specified is the extension DOC
- The MIME type should read: application/msword

Also make sure that this type is handled by MSWord. This is done by
locating the word.exe file on your PC.

Rename the templates on the server from .DOT to .DOC, thus actually
changing it from a Word template to a Word document. You should specify the
extension DOC and not the extension DOT (for template) because in the
latter case MSWord will open with the template and not with a new document
based on that template. This causes no problem as macros will run in the
exact same way. You just need to be aware that any Macro that's part the
AutoNew procedure, should be moved to the AutoOpen procedure as Word now
opens an already existing document.

That's it folks, it has turned out to be much simpler as I first thought.
Now, from all over the world, users can get to the latest templates and
extract data from the intranet with these templates. Again, thanks for the

Jeroen Hendrix
the Netherlands

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