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Subject: Re: RE Bad idea...
From: "Moore, Tracey" <TMoore -at- PARKERVISION -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 10:17:44 -0500

This is way off topic, but I couldn't resist:

The ad should read "relocation expenses not included." It's not
discrimation to refuse to pay moving expenses. That's the real issue of
your example, not race.

<<What if the company is not in a financial position to pay for the
expenses incurred by someone moving from another country? Is it bigotry
say "We are sorry, but applications from candidates living outside North
America cannot be considered at this time."? >>

So I wonder. . .what's worse? A company whose management pretends to be
fair and equal to the letter of the law, but makes certain groups feel
unwelcome once they're hired on. . .or a company that's honest up front
about their bigotries. I just left such a company. The owner didn't
respect women, but it took six months for me to find out he would never
allow women to be in upper management. Mmmmm. . .

I wish we could just legislate love and tolerance, but it's just not
that simple.

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