Will you be ready for Y2K?

Subject: Will you be ready for Y2K?
From: Victoria Inness-Brown <victoria -at- CTS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 08:01:08 -0800

Hi there,

You're receiving this message because you're in my email address book. Some
of you are part of my family, my community. I've worked with some of you,
known some of you for years. Some of you probably don't remember me, as
we've had casual business contact. Some of you are on email lists to which I
belong. Some of you may have already received this information, but I've put
you on this list for future mailings. (If you were expecting a holiday card
from me, I apologize. I didn't send any out. Please consider this my
greeting to you. If I owe you email, I also apologize. I've been a bit
preoccupied.) If you wish me to remove you from this list, please reply and
let me know.

At the end of December, a friend sent me information about Y2K. Since I'm a
technical writer, documenting computer software, and since it's getting
pretty close to the deadline, I decided to check it out. I followed the
links, and was immediately hooked. There's a huge amount of information out
there and it's pretty scary.

Our Government is playing it down, because they want to avoid panic, and
allow people to fix the problem as long as possible. See
http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/17986.html. They're also
giving it a "spin" to appear that it's not so bad. See
http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/17527.html. There are other
links mentioned below, covering every aspect of the issue. Gary North's
Website is quite radical, but he has a tremendous amount of links to
mainstream articles in every area. (Some of his "articles" aren't
mainstream. I usually don't read those.)

The Cassandra Project (http://www.millennia-bcs.com/nfcass.htm) is devoted
to educating the public about Y2K. It's their premise that the problem is
system wide, and requires system-wide preparation. Because of that, I've
organized a meeting in my community. See the information below.

I know that many of you are not in my area, and cannot attend this meeting.
However, I'm sending you this information, hoping that you might learn more
about the situation and be more prepared.

I've known Paul-Michael, the first speaker, for five or six years. He's
always been level-headed from what I've seen. He's been researching Y2K for
about 3 years, and extremely heavily since last May. (He reads 20-40
articles a day on the Internet.)

I've known Skip, the second speaker, for 17 years. He's a really great,
nice, caring, knowledgeable guy.

If you can, I strongly encourage you to come to this meeting. If you can't
make it, we'll have two-hour videotapes available in English and Spanish for
$15.00 each. If you want one, just send me a check at the address in my
signature at the very end of this message. Please include $5.00 for postage
and handling. There are also a lot of other videos and books available from
a site mentioned below.



Here's the info:


Will you be ready for Y2K?

The Y2K computer bug is a world-wide problem. People are working hard to fix
it, but many believe it's too late. The effects have already been
manifesting. Have you had credit declined because a computer didn't
recognize the year 00 or 01? See numerous examples at
http://www.pcmike.com/Special%20Reports/Y2Kmainstm.html. These may be signs
of massive computer crashes to come--failures of the computers on which our
very lives depend.

When 2000 hits, our community may be on it's own. No power. No
communications. No gasoline. No mail. No police. No fire protection. No
food. We must act now to create contingency plans to provide these
necessities ourselves and minimize panic and crime. The Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA) (http://www.fema.gov/y2k/99011.htm) and the Red
Cross (http://www.redcross.org/disaster/safety/y2k.html) are urging us to
prepare, and the National Guard is preparing to step in

For more information about the utilities and Y2K, see www.euy2k.com. For
info about the preparedness of other organizations, see
http://www.garynorth.com/y2k/search_.cfm#Choices or
http://www.millennia-bcs.com/sitelink.htm#o. See
http://www.millennia-bcs.com/sitelink.htm#bl to order books and videos.


Jamul Community Y2K Preparedness Meeting


Thursday, March 11th, 7 to 9 p.m.
Jamul Primary School Multipurpose Room
14545 Lyons Valley Road, Jamul

Paul-Michael Dekker

Paul-Michael will describe Y2K from a programmer's view. With a B.A.Sc. in
Systems Design Engineering, Paul-Michael has worked as design engineer, cost
and management systems analyst, programmer and webmaster. President of Byte
Butler Information Services and Y2K researcher, Paul-Michael trains small
businesses to prepare for Y2K. Contact: 619-595-0158, byte -dot- butler -at- pobox -dot- com

Skip Fralick

Skip will share how to prepare our community to be more self-reliant and
mutually cooperative. He'll address alternative power, food storage,
gardening and permaculture. Recently retired after 18 years as an engineer
at SDG&E, Skip has built solar houses in Mexico for Habitat for Humanity for
10 years and served on the board for five. He co-founded the Sustainable
Community Action Network (SCAN) and the World Eco Community Action Network
(WE CAN), where he is Director. He also distributes solar hot water and
electricity generating systems. Contact: 760-751-2440, solarskip -at- aol -dot- com -dot-

Janet Mulder

Janet Mulder will sum up her ideas on individual and community preparedness.
Janet is a nationally recognized teacher at Oak Grove Middle School and a
leader in the Jamul community.


SCAN (Sustainable Community Action Network)
WE CAN (World Eco Community Action Network)
Lawson Valley HEAT


Victoria Inness-Brown
Technical Writing
& Document Design
PO Box 248
Jamul CA 91935


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