2 spaces after period - reason why not

Subject: 2 spaces after period - reason why not
From: Jacque Foreman <foremangraphics -at- JUNO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 10:25:47 -0800

Hi gang

It's I, your friendly typesetter again. As someone mentioned, in
proportional type as it is now done on the computer and as it was done
before in lead type, the metrics add a small amount of extra space after
the period. If in typeset copy, we put in the extra space, it usually
results in what are called "rivers" of white space down the copy. We
typesetters like to see copy that has an allover consistent look.

As an aside: I remember when I worked with proportionally spaced
typewriters and was justifying text, it was always necessary to subtract
an extra unit after a period (or other punctuation mark) if they "landed"
at the end of a typed line. -- Thank goodness the computer does this

So, when it comes down to it, using one space after a period has to do
with esthetics just like the rule for putting quotation marks after
periods and commas. Both were invented by typesetters just because they
liked the way it looked.

Sometime ask me why invitations are packed with those pesky paper sheets
that (by custom) are supposed to be placed over the invitation before
putting it in the envelope.

Hope this is enlightening.

Happiness, joy & laughter to all

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