What a drag...<--- stupid

Subject: What a drag...<--- stupid
From: "Clark, Robert" <Robert -dot- Clark -at- SCHWAB -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 19:08:58 -0500

To Rowena's comments regarding free speech and Joel's comments about adding
humor, cheers to those trying to inject humor into a dry situation, but
let's put this in context (as Andrew sits back silently and rubs his hands
together in glee at the discussion his tirade has raised).

In this forum, we are for the most part, well paid professionals that look
to this list for useful information. I know I don't come to the list to
preview the latest irreverent stand-up comic. We all agreed in principal to
a set of rules for posting.

Andrew craves attention. He likes to start these little scenes and back
away to watch the results. What Andrew has done (again) is use the forum
for his own amusement. We are all better served if we ignore his posts and
comments in the future when they go off into the land of broken synapses.

I welcome his comments when he gives serious input to the topics raised in
these discussions - he does contribute some articulate responses on
occasion. I suggest that in the future when he begins his rants we can
reply back in mass "Please ignore the Andrewspeak." Either that or just
completely ignore his raves (rename that Delete key "Andrew.")

Now, lets move on shall we?

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