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Subject: Re: Language
From: Scott Havens <SHavens -at- ELCOTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 09:04:43 -0500

I'm not sure I fully understand the question. It seems to me that
opportunities could be found in most countries (and thus most languages)
in which significant technical development is taking place. Are you
asking which would be the best language to _learn_, so that you'd be in
a position to get a job "localis(ing) documentation into English"? If
that's the case, the first one that comes to mind is Japanese... but by
the time someone like _me_ learned enough Japanese to do a credible job,
the world economic picture might change considerably, making it a wasted

It seems to me that opportunities could be found to use ANY language
over which you have a good command. If you speak/read German, French,
Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, or whatever, I think there might be
some opportunity to use it. But if you don't already speak or read
another language, I'm not sure it's realistic to think you could fit
into a situation where the source documentation is not in English.

...Or have I totally misinterpreted the question? (It wouldn't be the
first time. :-)


PS, With respect to the AP controversy, I prefer to just live and let
live. Sometimes attempts at humor go a little overboard, but OTOH there
are too many people around here who can't seem to take a joke. How
'bout if we all just chill out?!

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> From: Dr.Levi Elkhead [SMTP:drlevielkhead -at- HOTMAIL -dot- COM]
> Hello,
> Suppose a techwriter whose native language was English wanted to visit
> other countries around the world and and be employed as a techwriter.
> What language do you all think would complement English well and
> provide
> tech writing opportunities in other countries? (I'm thinking here of
> companies who may want to localise documentation into English
> language.)
> TIA,
> Levi

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