Re: Capitalization from GUI--Summary & Thanks

Subject: Re: Capitalization from GUI--Summary & Thanks
From: Peterson Karen <Peterson_Karen -at- PRC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 16:49:41 -0500


Original question: Should I copy capitalization from the GUI?

Copy the GUI: 5
Use initial caps: 2

Comments about copying the GUI:
* Try making GUI elements bold to make it look like you're not the one who
can't capitalize.
* Copy the capitalization, because one respondent has received numerous
complaints from tech support about users who can't tell the difference
between THE WINDOW and The Window.
* Avoid confusing the user. Changing the capitalization will confuse the
* Get the GUI changed (3 people suggested this). Offer to change it

Comments about initial caps:
* There's no reason to repeat the GUIs mistakes--then you'd look like *you*
couldn't write.
* Use initial caps, because one respondent said no one has ever complained
about initial caps in his or her docs.

Thank you so much for everyone who responded. You provided not only personal
insight to me, but hard proof for my boss. ("Look! Techwhirlers think we
should do it this way!") We decided to go with the majority: copy the
capitalization from the GUI.


Incredibly hilarious web site:
(Watch out: it has Java and audio stuff.)

Karen Peterson
Peterson_Karen -at- prc -dot- com

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