Re: Intranet information sharing--InfoAcess?

Subject: Re: Intranet information sharing--InfoAcess?
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 13:06:24 -0500

I have a suggestion, though there are a number of people here that will
have a problem with the solution because of the tool I'm using to do
it. Therefore, if you are going to take this opportunity to bitch and
moan about the quality of the code or that it inserts too many <BR>
tags, save it. The question didn't ask for a solution using notepad,
she asked for a solution to the problem and I do it all the time.

However, if you are interested in knowing how I do it on both NT and SUN
servers, with or without FP extensions, then you may want to read on.

MS Front Page 98 has a feature called "Include Page" as part of "Insert
-> Front Page Components -> Include Page" This allows you to insert a
page inside of another page without frames. You can even use it to
include content in a table cell from another htm page.

You create the shell/template, then use "Include Page" to look for files
named 1.htm, 2.htm, 3.htm, etc.

You instruct the submitter that material for the appropriate spot must
be named 1.htm, for here, 2.htm.

They drop the files in a designated folder or you move it there manually
or through a script.

When you open the template page, the content will be appear in the
designated section and you then save the whole web to another folder or

The best part about this method is that even though it uses a
"proprietary" FP capability, it runs on a vanilla web server.

It's just a suggestion that I've been using for a few years.

Susan Vineyard wrote:
> I am looking for a product with which programmers and other staff
> members can publish documents to the web easily. I also want to offer
> templates to keep some control and conformity to the look of our
> intranet. Right now, we are encouraging them to write their documents in
> WordPerfect and publish to html. Most of them don't want to document
> anyway, and they won't go to the trouble involved. We need to make the
> process fast, less painful, (even fun?) to encourage their
> participation.
> I am currently looking at InfoAcess from Transit Central. Has anyone
> out there tried it, and does anyone have any other suggestions?
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