Re: E-mail without attachments/Netscape

Subject: Re: E-mail without attachments/Netscape
From: cklotz <cklotz -at- CSRLINK -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 03:21:22 -0500

Hi, Sylvia,

> 1. Can you download e-mails without their attachments in Netscape?

I have Netscape Communicator 4.01.

Click on View/Attachments. The choices are "Inline" and "As Links".
"Inline" will cause the message to be viewed in its entirety,
with all attachments opened by their appropriate application, i.e.,
an attachment in HTML will be read by Netscape itself; an attachment
in MS Word format will be opened either by MS Word or Word viewer.
The file format of the attachment can be manually configured to
be opened by a specific application.

"As Links" will cause the attachment to be shown as an object which
must be double-clicked upon or otherwise opened in order to be
viewed. This option is supposedly preferred by those who
anticipate having some type of security problem, such as
activating a macro virus in a Word document sent to them as
an attachment. My understanding is that, unless the file is
opened, a virus cannot infect your system.

For this particular mailing list, I prefer "Inline"--that way all
messages will be automatically displayed by Netscape. However,
on a certain newsgroup, a photo of a naked well-known actress
was displayed and I was not impressed. For that newsgroup,
I change the selection to "As Links".

> 2. Can you send e-mails to a group of people with the attachment
> forwarded to a couple of people only and not to the whole group?

I've never tried this, but I think it should work. First, compose
your basic message, without the attachment. Save a copy
of the message in the "Drafts" folder by clicking on File/Save
draft. Then, send the message as is to the people who aren't
designated to receive the attachment. Go to the Drafts folder
and open the message in a new window there. Attach the file
and list the recipients in the "To:" group. Send this version
with the attachment.


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