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Subject: Re: Interview & testing
From: Heidi Waterhouse <HWaterhouse -at- VIDEOUPDATE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:05:50 -0600

> I agree - Testing is a waste of time. Your silly test
> could hinder you
> from hiring a potentially brilliant employee simply because
> that person may
> be one who suffers from "test taking syndrome" or had a bad
> day. Testing is
> not a true measurement of a people's ability.
No, it's not a true measure, but I think it could be a measure, just
as the interview and past experience are measures. In my current job, I
didn't get a test, but I was still evaluated on my ability to rapidly
assimilate and regurgitate knowledge.

> What can you really tell from a test? It may tell you if they
> can edit or
> organize information, but it cannot tell you how they blend
That seems like an important thing to know about a tech writer. If
they can't do that, then the documentation may not be well organized, no
matter how well they get along with the SME.

> in with a team,
> persevere when no one returns proofs, gain the respect of
> engineers and
> co-workers or are motivated to grow and learn new things.
All of these things are important, too, but they are harder to test
in a quantitative way. This is why we have references, too, right?

Heidi Waterhouse
Technical Writer
Video Update
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