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Subject: Re: FWD: Marketing tech writers and consulting companies
From: Tom Herme <hermet -at- DNINEVADA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:18:36 -0800

A quick question about this post: What is meant by "bench time"? I've only
recently heard about this concept regarding agencies. The expression mentioned
to me is that a person is "on the bench" with the agency. What is this? What
does it mean?



Anonymous User wrote:

> Name withheld upon request. Please reply on list.
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> Many on this list are contractors, so I'd like to ask some advice.
> About six months ago I began working for a consulting company as a
> full-time employee. I get all the benefits (health insurance,
> vacation, sick days, etc.) through them. They pay "bench time" (which
> I have not had to use yet). We are in a large metropolitan area with
> significant high-tech industries.
> The problem is that this company is simply not marketing its writers.
> They actively place and market their programmers, business
> consultants, system consultants and other professionals, but they seem
> to only have jobs in far-outlying areas for writers....and it's almost
> as an afterthought. My first contract with them required me to drive
> about 70 miles per day (all freeways, so it took about 2-4 hours
> driving per day). I'm currently winding down my project and the next
> possible project is even further! I'm so frustrated.
> My question to you, if you work for this type of company, is how much
> leverage do I have? Is it reasonable to say "No...find me something
> closer"?Should I attempt to get involved with the account reps and see
> what's going on? I'm the new kid on the block here and just don't know
> what to do. Should I quit and go somewhere else? (the job market here
> is good, though I like this company) Is this typical or should I just
> seek permanent employment status instead of contract companies?
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> Message forwarded on request. Please reply on list.

Tom Herme
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