Re: Explanations for getting fired

Subject: Re: Explanations for getting fired
From: Denise Fritch <dfritch -at- INTELLICORP -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:25:00 -0800

> Penny Staples wrote:
> ...
> > If I were you, I wouldn't mention the fact that I was fired on my
> > resume, and in the interview I wouldn't talk about why I left,
> > unless the interviewer asks.
> > [Question to the list: is this dishonest?]

I'm going to agree with Penny. Mentioning in an interview or on a job
application that you were "fired" usually explains only part of what may
actually have occurred. Unless you have an opportunity to fully explain the
circumstances, I would wait.

I've been through just such a situation with my last employer where I worked
for nearly four years as the only tech writer. I even received praise from
the vp of sales and his staff for the quality of the documentation that
accompanied the product they were selling. When interviewing for a new job,
I now only explain that the small start-up no longer needed a full-time tech
writer, switching to a contract tech writer when needed. All that is true.
However, explaining the rest. . .

How do you explain to prospective employers that three senior managers fired
you, claiming you were "totally incompetent", then those three managers
offered you an out-of-court settlement if you would stop your discrimination
complaints that had just been filed with state and federal agencies after
the county agency agreeing with you? As of January, the actions of those
same senior managers now a misdemeanor hate crime.


Denise L. Fritch

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