Anyone know about Live I-Que software?

Subject: Anyone know about Live I-Que software?
From: George Beinhorn <trail -at- BEST -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:19:47 -0800

Got this post off the online writing list and posted it here as a favor.
Reply offline directly to the e-mail address in the body. (But, hey,
come to think of it, why not let the list know, too...always interesting
to learn about new paths to HTML.)

The news organization I work for is seriously interested in purchasing
created by Baseview called "Live I Que." According to information on the

website, this program will convert text created in NewsEdit (software
the newspaper uses) into an HTML format, and compile all of the articles

into a searchable database.

This would be a God send, as we have been updating our online
website by hand for two years now. As the Internet grows, other
in our organization will also want to go online, and a product like this

sounds like the solution we will need.

I was wondering if anybody out there has used or heard of this
and I'd like to hear some opinions of its performance. Specifically:

1. The learning curve.
2. What was involved in setting it up?
3. How helpful is Baseview's technical support?
4. Were there any glitches during the conversion process from NewsEdit
5. How are photos entered in?
6. If you had it to do over again, would you still have gone with Live
7. If your news website uses Live IQue, can you send me the web address
so I
can take a look?

Please feel free to send responses to my e-mail address, which is
morganja -at- bigfoot -dot- com, or post to the group. As a tip, I'm more likely to
messages sent to me directly.
Again, I apologize if anybody has recieved this message more than
and I'd like to thank anybody who can help me out.

George Beinhorn
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