Re: Never apologize, never explain (was getting fired)

Subject: Re: Never apologize, never explain (was getting fired)
From: Steve Arrants <stevea -at- CNET -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:05:44 -0800

Laurence Burrows, Navex Pty Ltd writes:
>c & d. any reference check worth a damn will reveal that you're lazy /
>been canned.

In many places, former employers are prohibited by local law or corporate
legal departments from saying anything other than
"Steve worked here from December 1986 until November 1999. His position was
Writer Guy and his salary was a zillion dollars. He left the company due to
a reduction in force/of his own decision/because he couldn't transfer to our
Prudhoe Bay office/other 'neutral' reason."

Saying "Steve was lazy, broke wind at staff meetings and grew marijuana in
his office and we fired him." would get Steve a lot of money in a court of

>The point here is honesty. If I need an employee / business partner to do
>their best by my company and the client(s), then trust is the key. And,
>lying by omission is still lying.

If it isn't material to the job, it isn't necessary to say it.

>No trust, no future for the relationship.

Right. What about the fact that the company interviewing you is keeping its
own secrets regarding the position (not advising you that their finances
aren't so hot, and you may be looking again in a few months, etc.).

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