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Subject: Re: Help! First TW job interview
From: Tony Rocco <trocco -at- ONDISPLAY -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 12:11:39 -0800

It's pretty frightening to hear someone dismiss ageism and other
forms of discrimination as "perfectly acceptable" given a particular
cultural context. So, by Mr. Barefoot's logic, racism and sexism are OK when
the culture supports and approves of it. Well, it's pretty hard to say
anything against racism, sexism, and homophobia with that sort of
perspective, Mr. Barefoot. If the cultural context doesn't approve of it, it
wouldn't exist in the first place. If the cultural context does approve of
it, it's perfectly OK and no one can criticize it.

And, regarding Mr. Barefoot's appreciation for people openly venting
their "undeniable biases:" genuine feelings of bias toward a group of people
who share a particular trait does not make it acceptable to put that bias
into effect in one's hiring practices.

One context of which Mr. Barefoot should be aware is that of people
on this list who don't approve of discrimination of any form regardless of
whether or not it's deemed acceptable within the context in which it occurs.

- tgrrr

Good morning,

There is a valid lesson to be learned in this thread, for both Mr.
Smith and
the bevy or respondents. We live, work and write in a globalized
and need to be aware of the cultural assumptions we make. In his
first post,
Mr. Smith failed to indicate what country his job interview was in,
so I
think most people (including Mr. Rocco, below) assumed it was in the
States. One went as far as to point out the federal law on the
issue. I will
point out, with a bit of nationalist pride, that a Canadian, Ms.
was prudent enough to note Mr. Smith's e-mail address and not leap
to any
conclusions. Mr. Smith might have foreseen this oversight, and the
rest of
us might have followed Ms. Credland's lead in clarifying it.

From a cultural perspective, it may be perfectly acceptable in
Europe" to hire people based on age. In fact, it seems genuine in
that it
recognizes people's undeniable biases. As technical writers, we
always consider the context within which we're operating. Thanks.

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Subject: Re: Help! First TW job interveiw

Well, Stan, there is a pretty egregious problem with the job posting
you are
responding to. The first requirement listed is the age of the
Discrimination based on age is akin to discrimination based on race
gender. You can't say, "White male, 25 - 25, wanted for tech writer
position." What this employer has done is highly illegal and could
in serious legal consequences.

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