Re: Distributing doc source files - thoughts?

Subject: Re: Distributing doc source files - thoughts?
From: Stephen Arrants <stephena -at- COMPBEAR -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 13:41:26 -0800

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From: David G Skoglund <skogl004 -at- TC -dot- UMN -dot- EDU>
Date: Friday, March 12, 1999 1:23 PM
Subject: Distributing doc source files - thoughts?

|Our concern is how we are going to continue delivering source files to the
|field training staff. We're convinced that they will still want to
|customise the documents. Short of buying a ton of copies of FrameMaker and
|sending everyone through Frame training is there a work around?

Adobe Acrobat Exchange may be a solution, though not perfect.

|It is doubtful that the trainers will want to learn Frame. Their changes
|consist mainly of adding notes, deleting sections, and other "minor"
|editing changes. If we give them Frame source files with multiple
|conditional text settings, book files and the like, I'm sure they would be
|overwhelmed. These are people who spend most of their time on the road
|giving trainings. We've gotten the indication that FrameMaker might not be
|welcomed with open arms.

With Acrobat Exchange, a user can add notes, make minor changes to text,
delete pages, and the like.
As long as they are not going to want to take the text and rewrite or
reformat it, this *should* work.
I'm not an Acrobat expert--I'm sure there are some here who can give more
detail and information--but we've used it as a tool for reviewing
documentation online and allowing comments, etc. to be placed in files.

|There is a side issue of possibly providing source files to customers who
|wish to customize the manuals to suit their own needs.

Provide it to customers in Frame. If they want to customize the manuals,
Frame is really the only way to go.

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