Re: Needs and Wants of Employers

Subject: Re: Needs and Wants of Employers
From: Dale Wooden <dwooden -at- NEWBRIDGE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 14:38:27 -0500

I agree on that! I had one potential employer state that I was worth a
specific $$ figure per year and that as I had another income he could
take that much off of my salary & I'd have the income I was worth. The
company has gone bankrupt. Wonder why? ;<)

Sarah Stegall wrote:
> Maurice King wrote:
> > Perhaps the item that I find the most difficult to address is salary requirements and/or history. When I am asked about my salary history, it makes very little sense because so many years were spent outside the U.S. Also, employers have a hard time comprehending the large jumps in salary from one position to another during those years.
> Ah, now you've hit on a real sore point regarding
> employer/employee relations. My position is that
> it is no freakin' business of my employer what my
> previous salary was. My career is MY business,
> and so are my salary requirements. What's more
> relevant is the question: what's this job worth to
> the employer? If I'm being asked to come in and
> create a department where none existed before, to
> turn unreadable, uncoordinated specifications into
> manuals, to create out of thin air a workflow,
> budget, process, and pre-press production
> protocol, the salary I made in my previous
> position as a cog in the wheel of a large
> manufacturer's tech pubs department is TOTALLY
> I know it gets down to a matter of who mentions
> money first, but I make it a practice to NEVER
> talk money until the deal is pretty much on the
> table. The only exception is when you're trying to
> see if the prospective employer is living in the
> real world or not. If he's advertising for a
> technical editor with six years' experience, but
> expecting to pay minimum wage, I don't even waste
> my time arguing. Let his own experience teach him
> what he needs to know.
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