Re: ANNOUNCE: WebWorks Publisher training

Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: WebWorks Publisher training
From: Sarah O'Keefe <okeefe -at- SCRIPTORIUM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 13:36:28 -0500

>On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 10:22:12 -0500, "Sarah O'Keefe" <okeefe -at- scriptorium -dot- com>
>>If you're looking for a way to automate conversion of your FrameMaker
>>content to HTML, WinHelp, and other online formats, WebWorks Publisher
>>( is the answer.

Jeremy Griffith responded:
>Sorry, Sarah, I just can't let that one pass unchallenged! <bg>
>For WinHelp, at least (and soon for much more), mif2rtf is also an
>answer well worth considering.

I thought you might not.

However, I phrased that statement very carefully. If you need to export to
**LOTS** of different formats, including HTML, WinHelp, etc., then mif2rtf
isn't going to do all of that, and WWP is the (only) answer. If you need
WinHelp conversion only, then mif2rtf is certainly an option. Your other
alternative would be to build a patchwork of different conversions; one for
each export path. I feel that is a poor choice, because you would have to
learn several different tools. (By Jeremy's analysis, I guess I should
support this alternative and just provide training for all of them. <sickly

>Many framers who have tried both tell
>us they prefer it, in no uncertain terms. OTOH, the only people who
>have tried both and tell us they prefer WWP are Quadralay trainers.

So basically, I'm lying because I have a financial interest in Quadralay's
product? Hmmmmm. Not very funny to me.

We do not resell WebWorks Publisher (or any other software). We feel that
this makes it easier to stay objective when we recommend software to our
clients. We do offer training and consulting for FrameMaker and WebWorks
Publisher and obviously have a vested interest in new users who need
training in those packages. Why did we choose those two packages? Because
we feel that they are the best choices out there for our clients' typical
requirements. They have steep learning curves, but a lot of power and
customizability once you get past the learning phase.

BTW, we did not pay Quadralay for promotion on their web site or for
certification as WWP trainers. (More than I can say for Adobe's
certification program.)

We often recommend software for which we do not provide training or
consulting, including MIF2RTF.

Take a look at this URL:

for an analysis of which one to choose. I think you'll agree that our
assessment is fair.

I prefer WWP's interface (which isn't wonderful) to MIF2RTF's .ini file
modification process. But that's a personal preference.

Finally, I'd like to throw this back out to the list, if anyone's still
reading at this point. If you have looked at both MIF2RTF and at WebWorks
Publisher, please tell the world (or respond to me privately if you prefer)
which one you chose and why you prefer it. I'd like to see whether Jeremy's
assessment that only Quadralay trainers prefer WWP is accurate. If there's
a reasonable amount of response from the three lists, I'll compile the info
and put it on our web site to help the next person trying to make this


Sarah O'Keefe

Sarah O'Keefe Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.
FrameMaker ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) 919-481-2701
WebWorks Publisher certified trainer okeefe -at- scriptorium -dot- com

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