Re: complex conditional steps

Subject: Re: complex conditional steps
From: AlQuin <cbon -at- WXS -dot- NL>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:56:13 +0100

On 11-03-1999 20:12 Kim Portonova wrote:

>I am documenting a quick reference guide for our patient accounting,
>medical records, and patient registration system. The interface is
>clunky, and the procedures have many complex variables.

Remember: good manuals cannot improve bad systems. The interface (incl
documentation) is as bad as its worst component.

>For example, if the user wants to select a patient using the Medical
>Record Selection box, these things may happen:
> 1. The Patient Header screen may automatically appear.
> OR
> 2. The Patient Enquiry screen may automatically appear.
>(The user must then select a visit and the Patient Header
>screen appears).
> OR
> 3. Nothing happens. The user must press <Tab> or
> a. The Patient Header screen appears.
> OR
> b. The Patient Enquiry screen appears. (As above,
>the user must select a visit, and the Patient
>Header screen appears.)
>The user needs to get to the Patient Header screen to begin the
>Registration function.
>I've checked the archives, but the suggestion to put all of these
>variables into a bullet list doesn't work well for me because this
>information seems too dense for bullets. There also seems to be too many
>hierarchal conditions for a bullet list.
>Any suggestions? Our users are registration staff, most of whom are
>comfortable with computers, but do not think of themselves as

Use tables instead, in a basically three-column grid Do-Check-Act:
Column 1: select
Column 2: what do you get
Column 3: next step(s)
(Column 4: what do you get

Another option is using flowcharts, but not everybody will be accustomed
to it. And it is a bit harder to maintain...

Kees de Bondt

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