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Subject: Re: Looking for samples
From: Sean Olson <rootcellar -at- EARTHLINK -dot- NET>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 15:26:23 -0000

To all interested parties:

Regarding my previous post requesting samples of good and bad technical
writing, I received two responses form Jerry Kenny: one is listed here,
which I found interesting; the second was a private e-mail in which he
included the Happy Worm Virus. Wow! I guess I should have included the
additional request that if you are a misanthropic freak, please ignore me
by not responding.
As I am new to this list, I would appreciate some advice as to how a
complaint is filed with the list regarding the intentional and malicious
spreading of computer viruses.

With regard to other contributions, I really appreciate the input and look
forward to hearing more. Many of you have directed me toward the archive
which I appreciate and begun to review.

Best Regards,

Sean Olson

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From: Jerry Kenney [SMTP:gmkenney -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM]
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Subject: Re: Looking for samples

Ben Kovitz wrote in response to:

> Sean Olson:
> <snip>I am
> >an M.A. candidate at CSU San Bernardino in the department of Composition
> >and Rhetoric writing my thesis on Technical Writing and the community of
> >technical writers. <etc>
> I guess I'm in a crusty mood right now, but I hope this helps.

I thought Ben's crusty mood showed a great deal of restraint. My own
are that a person in a MA program wanting to write on technical writing and
community of technical writers ought to go out and walk among that
Maybe start with getting a technical writing job, producing a few manuals,
writing a help file or two, negotiating with supervisors and programmers or
engineers before s/he tries to broadcast general questions of minor
consequence. The last place to look for truth is the internet.

As I say, those are my own feelings. Unlike Ben, crustiness is not a mood
me; it is an enduring condition.

Jerry Kenney

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