JOB POSTING - Entry Level - Concord MA

Subject: JOB POSTING - Entry Level - Concord MA
From: "D. Margulis" <ampersandvirgule -at- WORLDNET -dot- ATT -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:49:13 -0500

This posting is for an entry level job. Really. If you're an experienced tech
writer, stop reading now.

The company I work for is growing fast. We have a new full-time position for a
receptionist/administrative assistant (and yes, I am going to relate this to
tech writing in a minute).

The _principal_ duties are telephone and visitor reception (which includes
providing refreshments for customer meetings, for example); clerical
(copy/fax/mailing/shipping); and general administrative work (maintain company
calendar, visitor logs, company contacts; keep track of where people are
traveling, and so forth).

In addition (told you I was getting there), we have more than enough work to go
around in marketing communications. This involves print production using
PageMaker, Acrobat Exchange, Word, PhotoShop, Visio, and various other tools;
managing a big color laser printer; and working with outside graphic arts

Aside from that, I would really like the person we hire to be a confident
proofreader and editor who can help with the business correspondence,
PowerPoint presentations, and other external communications that emanate from
various executives, salespeople, and other non-writers.

So, if I can find someone on this list who . . .

+ Enjoys working in a service role

+ Has some tool knowledge, language skills, and an interest in graphic arts,
too, with a desire to learn more

+ Is interested in growing into a marketing communications role

+ Wants to work in a fast-paced but fun environment

. . . then I can solve two problems at once (filling the receptionist slot and
delegating some of the print production and editorial work).

Here are some of the pluses for you:

If you are willing to learn from me (as opposed to being willing to learn in
the abstract), I can teach you a great deal about typography, design, graphic
arts, and professional writing and editing. And John Garison, who took over
tech writing duties from me, can teach you plenty about writing user
documentation. And between us, we can get you up to speed on website design and
management. (One of the tasks I don't have time to do is a complete redesign of
the company website.)

Because every position in our company is part of a career path, you will have
the opportunity to grow into a professional position over time. (We're growing
fast - twenty-odd people now; fifty-some by year end.)

This is a _great_ place to work. When I hooked John in with a description of
the work environment, he was openly skeptical of my veracity. He isn't anymore.
All of the following is true:

+ Excellent benefits package

+ Bright, comfortable office environment

+ Table tennis, pool, and Foosball; free beverages and snacks; the occasional
thank you gift (not to mention the frequently heard "thank you" for a job well

+ Management that strives actively to attract skilled people and keep them
happy and motivated

+ Solid funding and a market that wants our product faster than we can
provide it

There's more, so drop me a line and send your resume if you are interested. I
hope to hear from you.

Dick Margulis
Director of Communications
Integrated Development Enterprise, Inc.
dmargulis -at- identerprise -dot- com

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