Re: bail (was formerly naive now burned tw needs advice)

Subject: Re: bail (was formerly naive now burned tw needs advice)
From: "Brierley, Sean" <Brierley -at- QUODATA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 09:24:09 -0500


It definitely sounds like anonymous is dealing with a petite functionnaire.
If 'twere me, I'd want to see the document that ties raises and education to
a pay scale. I'd also be actively looking to bail. The truth is that the
only way to get a decent raise is to jump ship. Even from jobs you like and
that like you.

Regarding the mindset that you must manage to bet the big $$$$, it seems
reasonable to tie pay to responsibility and authority. I'd like to see where
things go before expanding on that because I'd like to be persuaded
otherwise, so, there's the target, go to it <vbg>.

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>>>First, delete 'confront' from your vocab for this
>>>instance - that guarantees failure to gain what you
>>>You are dealing with a clerk who apparently has some
>>>responsibility but no authority. Either
>>>1 go over this person's head
>>>2 move on (which you may do anyway of you use
>>> option 1)
>>>If you are working in the Several States (vs. Israel
>>>and similar places where paper often is more important
>>>than skill), you SHOULD be able to overcome the lack of
>>>degree and, with a good reference from someone at the
>>>client site (you WERE nice to those folk, right?), you
>>>also may be able to overcome the n-years' experience
>>>From your post, I doubt further discussions with your
>>>immediate supervisor will improve your financial
>>>SOMETHING FOR THE LIST: Thoughts on the mindset that a
>>>person MUST manage to get 'big bucks.' IMO, that forces
>>>(some) excellent production people (writers) to become
>>>incompetent managers. [That is NOT to say all writers
>>>are excellent; all excellent writers are incompetent
>>>managers, or all managers are incompetent.] This
>>>situation is NOT unique to our business.

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