tax issue -- (Thanks and two more questions)

Subject: tax issue -- (Thanks and two more questions)
From: Anna Sherman <Annabel138 -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 07:48:03 EST

Thanks for all your responses, both off and on list.

I do have a lawyer, but I thought I'd get real-life experiences and opinions
from people that have done it...see what's really happening out there. I want
to go into my lawyer's office armed with everything I can know. So (for better
or worse), I'm going to go it on my own without an outside consulting company
taking more of my money. Instead, I'm doing it by myself. (I'll post my
experiences to the list in a month after the job is over and let you guys know
if I think it was worth it and if I would do it again.)

Two final questions...

If I am getting paid by the company (1099) and I, in turn, am paying writers,
do I need a 1099 for me and then for them? I'm assuming I do. In other words,
is my relationship to the company the same as my subcontractor relationship to

And who usually provides the contract in these situations? I'll need one for
the company I'm working for and I'll need one for the subcontractors working
for me. I found a sample contract on the web that I'm taking to my lawyer...I
just want to make sure I'm understanding this all.



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