SUMMARY writing about what I love

Subject: SUMMARY writing about what I love
From: Patty Marco <pattym -at- FIRSTLOGIC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 14:27:56 -0600

Thanks to all who responded to my request for getting into writing about
crafts. I had so many great ideas that I thought I'd share some of them with
the list. I discovered that many of the ideas can be used for breaking into
other writing industries as well. Here is a summary:

* Enter contests: Some magazines and craft products sponsor craft
contests. Amy Poos told me about one such contest for a Speedball brayer.
The contest requires you to create a craft using a brayer and then send it
and your instructions for creating it to them. Judging criteria is 50%
creativity and 50% instructions. mailto:apoos -at- treev -dot- com

* From Marlene Miller: "I'd probably run some ads in craft magazine
classifieds, similar to those you see in writing magazine classifieds for
editors and ghostwriters, manuscript preparers, desktop publishers and such.
For experience, I'd contact crafters who exhibit their work and ask them if
they want to publish. I'd offer to prepare handouts for local craft classes
and get to know the instructors. Helps to have some photography skills, too.
A unique craft project, with well-written instructions and accompanied by
quality photos, is an instant hit." mmiller -at- federatedinv -dot- com -dot-

* "You might try contacting companies whose products are used in
crafting or magazines about the crafts you are interested in." Elizabeth
Lett: ealett -at- holisticmath -dot- com

* "Have you considered getting some free web space from your ISP, and
starting a webpage, maybe with a couple of text with pictures documents
about particularly difficult craft projects you've done? Or if you
specialize in a particular craft, say needlepoint, maybe re-writing
instructions for a project you've completed and sending it to the
manufacturer? I've never seen writing positions advertised for craft
writing, although I did see an ad once for the Bradford Exchange. Have you
tried asking members of crafting newsgroups for input?"
jarnopol -at- interaccess -dot- com

* " editors of magazines and crafts publishing houses to see
if they can use your services. Start with the magazines you like to read
(and where you see mistakes!) and the publishers of the craft books you
like. You can find information in books and on the net about writing a query
letter. You could also contact them with a phone call and follow up with a
query letter. Whatever is most comfortable for you. If the editors don't
want your services, they may be able to put you in contact with crafts
designers who might employ you on a contract basis to write their
instructions for them. Another thing you could do is advertise in the
classifieds of some of the craft magazines, in a newspaper, or some other
publication that crafters read. You should join some crafts associations to
make contacts and maybe even go to a convention. I would think that
networking could be very important." Joy Prescott joyp -at- carecomputer -dot- com

* "I have 2 or 3 crafts books. Somebody wrote them... I say find a
niche and write a book about it!"

* "There is an annual publication, called Writer's Guide, that helps
writers break into mainstream publishing. I would look at that for
information about book and magazine publishers and how to work with them. I
would also look at books and magazines I love and write to those publishers.
Some of them, like Rodale Press, might have staffs. Many others publish work
by "experts" in the field (gardening and quilting books are great
examples)." Virginia_Day -at- datacard -dot- com

* "My first approach would be to start compiling a list of craft
publications and look up their sites. Oftentimes, a site will include
employment opportunities. You could also start writing to the publications
inquiring about writing positions. Can you write a how-to book on a
particular craft and try to get it published?" VNurre -at- aegonusa -dot- com

* Check the "Writers Market" for crafts magazines and how to query

It is very apparent by the responses I received that wanting to write
specifically about crafts is not "hokey" but very popular! Thanks to all of
you for your great advice, wonderful stories, and enthusiasm!!

Patty Marco

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