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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:26:32 +0200

On 29-03-1999 22:49 Suzette Seveny wrote:

>They compare the process to Six Sigma (which I believe could be called
>TQM"). Can anybody direct me to any internet resources on Six Sigma, that
>might perhaps lay out the various components, factors, analytical processes,

The Six Sigma principle is Motorola's own version of Philip Crosby's
("What standard would you set on how many babies nurses are allowed to
drop?") Zero Defects Quality.

Motorola defines Six Sigma as a company-wide term for almost perfect
quality. Under this premise nearly 100% (exactly: 99,9997%) of all
produced articles are covered in the range of 6 x Sigma. Or in other
words: out of an amount of 1 Million workpieces only 3.4 pieces are

Six Sigma is aimed at stimulating the employees to care about accuracy
and completeness, to pay attention to detail, and to improve work habits
in six steps. By having this mind-set, everyone has the responsibility
toward reducing his or her own errors to zero.

The 6 steps are:
1. Identify the work you do ("Product")
2. Identify who your works is for (your "Customer")
3. What do you need to do your work, and from whom (your "supplier")
4. Map the process
5. Mistake-proof the process, and eliminate waste effort and delays
6. Establish quality and cycle time measurement and improvement goals

Check "The Motorola Quality Process: Six Sigma" by Richard Buetow and
Motorola, in
Cases in Quality, Gregory M. Bounds, 1996, Irwin Books, (ISBN 0256182272)
at pp 229-249
for more details.

Kees de Bondt

business communication
total quality

* Quality: you don't have to do this, survival is not compulsory...

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