Re: Educating Rita // Puzzling buttons

Subject: Re: Educating Rita // Puzzling buttons
From: CASSIN Gilles <GCassin -at- MEGA -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 16:17:31 +0100

Well, I just came acrooss it, but that was discussed aphew weexago
(acnea - not very TW).

On a "Are you sure you want to delete it" dialog box, there are five
buttons (the fifth seems really the cutest)
Yes / Yes to All / No / Cancel / Help

There are GUI messers around, that cannot think properly about
usability. Next cubicle, there's a developer that built a two-menu
window, with 25 commands on the first, and 2 on the second (Options and
Help), and now reorganizes the first one every odd week.

As TWs, we can be the thermometer: when it takes hours to understand the
GUI, and pages to explain the thing, then we face an
oddGUIthatllbemisunderstood symptom (not always, but often).

"Monday! Ha, ha!" Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

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